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Key2Success (K2S) shares the same principles, know-how and tools for senior and middle management recruitment as the best in class - executive search & leadership development firm K.M.Trust & Partners who founded K2S in 2009.

01Understanding your business context and needs

We start with a thorough understanding of the company’s culture, strategy and role filled. Also, we focus on character and this means we are thoroughly interested in the hiring manager’s preferences and views on this role.

02Draft the search strategy based on our market insights

Prior to getting to work, we create a search strategy encompassing area (local, regional), search channels (competitors, databases, personal networks, LinkedIn, university alumni lists etc). This list is agreed with the client.

Afterwards, the client receives a full market mapping assessment, with all eligible candidates.

03Candidate interviews

The interviewing stage includes pre-screening stage (usually conducted over the phone) and 1-2 personal, face-to-face interviews, where the candidate's fit with role, motivation, skills and character are assessed.

Depending on the assignment’s requirements/Client preferences, other methodologies (i.e. Topgrading Methodology or tests – SHL, Hogan, Insight etc.) could be also applied.

Next, we present the hiring manager a shortlist of candidates with a supporting business case for each one of them.

After your interviews with the candidates we will follow up with you and the candidates to ensure that there are no misunderstandings and to assist the process to the next stage.

Finally, on the 2-3 candidates that the hiring manager prefers, we conduct a reference check – at least 3 past and current (where possible) key stakeholders will be interviewed). In addition, other key managers may and should be involved in the selection process, especially if the role is within a matrix organisation.

After that, it’s all a smooth road - signing the contract - and the start of a beautiful relationship.

04Closing the search stage

Once agreement obtained we will consider the search process ended. However, we stay close because we are here for the long-haul relationship.

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