Outplacement is the answer to a very difficult moment in the life of a company as well as in the career path of an employee. Serious damage can be created by mismanagement of the need to let an employee go. These potential damages range from social media rants, to bad publicity and potentially, to sensitive information leaks. Not to mention that a person’s emotional well being is at stake.

So, it’s only natural that you want to handle this difficult moment with empathy and care. Our Key2Success outplacement service is the right solution, combining extensive search & selection expertise as well as candidate-only services that can ease the transition. After all, there is no greater reputation than former employees speaking well about their past employer.

Why choose Key2Success outplacement service?

  1. Support - we focus on giving affected employees all the support and guidance they need
  2. Market knowledge - our market knowledge is very good, many clients hiring us for the market mapping service. Thus, affected employees will benefit from best advice.
  3. Recruitment know-how - Recruitment is the core of our business, we’ve run projects from key specialists to general management so our consultants have the skills to guide the participant towards a new role.
  4. Best Experience- our aim is that both candidates and clients have the best experience when dealing with us, so they return again and again. This guiding principle is truer than ever in outplacement.

By and large, Key2Success outplacement offer spans 3 core areas:

We are here to help the candidate

Being outplaced is a terribly inconvenient situation. We know that. So we take the time to talk to each affected employee to learn his or her situation, needs and goals for the coming transition period.

We take the time and work together with the candidate to draft a resume, highlighting his strengths; we do interview coaching and training. All these support sessions help the employee understand that even though it’s a very personal situation, there are angles that might be even more positive than he thought.

We are here to find future employment opportunities

Our core expertise lies in search. Naturally, K2S’s outplacement consultants will conduct focused campaigns to find appropriate career opportunities with K2S's active clients as well as other organizations.      

We are here to answer the most difficult questions

K2S understands the unique requirements of every affected employee. Our expert outplacement consultants with the expertise in various domains will be available to candidates at all times to respond to queries and address concerns regarding career moves and job opportunities. Apart from career counselling, these experienced counsellors will provide support to enable the candidates to have a smooth transition into their new positions.

Services and stages of outplacement process

01Developing the outplacement strategy
  • Awareness and talent mapping for affected candidate
  • Planning of job search strategy
  • Resume writing and strategic positioning in the job market
  • Cover letter for specific applications
  • Active business development for opportunities
02Individual transition support
  • Counselling with affected candidates, regarding concerns and queries
  • Customised opportunity list
  • Approaching the market including online posting
  • Focused campaigns with client companies
03Career and interview advisory
  • Interview preparation and counselling
  • Advice on salary and negotiations
  • Consulting on job offers with prospective organisations
  • Post offer follow-ups
  • Hiring follow-ups

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