Market mapping

Market mapping is probably one of the most useful service around for any hiring manager or HR department. Why? Simply because it offers a wealth of info for a lot of purposes and objectives. And yes, it does take a lot of effort to have clean, updated, relevant information on all those potential hires.

Let’s see why you should use market mapping:

  • Identify your competitors & keep tabs on their moves

    Having updated competitive intelligence data on talent, is becoming more and more of an asset. Some industries grow and change very fast and talent shortages are becoming common. Understanding what your competitors do in terms of talent and what specific skills they hire, can provide the cushion for a swift need to fill a role and can also shed light on competitors’ strategies as a whole.

  • Figure out who you should hire next

    Do you know exactly what role you’ll hire next? Do you know if you can afford him or her? Getting an understanding of how your (often larger) competitors structure their companies will give you a vision for your own future.

  • Identify and attract high quality passive candidates

    Nowadays, we all seem to rely on LinkedIn to source valuable candidates. Yet, it’s a lemon market sometimes - the best candidates may not be on LinkedIn and may not even consider applying to an advertised position. But if you have a comprehensive list of candidates from other sources as well, and then you target them directly with personalized information - the chances of success are much higher.

If you are interested in this service, here’s how the process unfolds:

01Understanding your business context and needs

As a guiding principle we take the time to understand your need and context for this service. Our Market Mapping consultants investigate the purpose of the mapping (new opening, company restructuring etc) and establish project specifics.

02Market Research

The research phase implies looking at a variety of sources from personal networks, university alumni, journals and industry press to LinkedIn to identify those that occupy roles similar to your research focus.

03Presentation of report

Following the research phase, Key2Success consultants prepare a detailed report with findings and recommendations.

04Approach candidates & screening

If your initial purpose was to find a suitable hire, our normal screening and interviewing process begins.

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