Assessment & evaluation

Sometimes, you feel that things could be better when it comes to key employees. Or maybe you are grooming them for their next career challenge. Or you’re thinking to reorganize your business and you need some key roles to be filled by the right people on your team. Yet, assessing the capabilities of employees of performing in a different role or in a role with more responsibility, can be a daunting task. It’s difficult because relying on an inside view only, reveals just a partial understanding of the situation.

This is where an external assessment and evaluation of key people can be priceless. Here’s how Key2Success consultants can help you with this process:

01Understanding your business context and needs

The first step is to understand the context of your need, your objectives, challenges, intended changes and desired outcomes.

Also, we work with key stakeholders such as HR professionals, the board or CEO to draw a map of the values and competences to be assessed for the executive in case.  At this stage, we also agree on project deliverables and communication of the results.

02Individual assessment phase

Next, we go into the individual assessment phase which might contain all or some of the following depending on your needs:

A Management Assessment focused on values, competencies and potential
An assessment of soft skills focussing on emotional intelligence and leadership practices

After this assessment stage, we prepare the report for you which will contain:

  • Strengths &  areas for development
  • Fit with the current role
  • Potential type
  • Motivators and drive triggers
  • Values and competences fit with the ones chosen as benchmark
  • Profile summary
  • Suggestions of next steps development
03Individual evaluation phase

If the project requires it, we can work with each assessed individual for personal evaluation and recommendations: this stage typically includes a feedback session with the candidate and then several coaching sessions to train the future leader for the selected role.

This is a very sensitive stage and a very important one, thus our best consultants are on the job, depending on the size and scope of the role:

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