Together, we are building talentship today and tomorrow, for amazing companies and amazing careers. These 6 principles are what we guide ourselves by when we make day-to-day business decisions.

Start with character
We believe brilliant skills are important. But we don’t believe in brilliance for brilliance sake. Most often, character trumps skills when it comes to delivering value. When we recruit, we follow skills and character in equal measures to ensure long-term success of placement.
If you rush, you miss
We take the time to understand your business deeply, to understand the role and the results desired. We also take the time to know you, the candidate, learn about your background, skills and life desires.
Create experiences
We are not in a one-time deal. We are here for the long haul. So, the experience you are having with us matters even beyond the current project.
Get our hands busy
We lead by example. That’s why our partners get involved at every stage of the process. Our partners go on to be involved in the entire recruitment process, alongside consultants. This is the only way to guarantee success and to inspire future leaders.
Pursue growth & learning
We put progress first, beyond perfection. Because a growth mindset ensures that you will find a way to succeed no matter the hurdles. And this is something we value in our consultants, the candidates we place as well as in the clients we work with.
Think happy
Happiness at work goes hand in hand with success. This means we pay attention to how happy our consultants feel at work, but we also pay attention to the happiness that candidates seek. Because if they find it, they’ll work harder and stay longer. And this means happiness for us, at Key2Success.


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