We are here to do the tough job. No role is ever easy to fill, but we are usually called on when you seek that very rare breed of candidate able to take your company to the next level right now, but also within the next 3 to 5 years.

We call this “Talentship”. The skill (and art perhaps) of finding the right candidate now and in the future. Our core capability is that of market mapping - to put it simply: if there is a right candidate on the market, we will find her or him.

But beyond this, we care that the candidate is happy with her job and you are happy with what she does. Why happy? Because in today’s workplace happiness matters. We’ve got scientists to prove it.

So how do we do that? Of course, by paying attention to character and personal values. If there is a misfit between what values the company holds and what the candidate pursues, no amount of skill, expertise, money or even goodwill will help on the long run.

This is what gets us up in the morning - the desire to work from a place of trust and build talentship who makes a difference and enjoys it as well.


Key2Success has a serious recruitment pedigree as Heike K was a founding partner of K.M.Trust & Partners ...



Together, we are building talentship today and tomorrow, for amazing companies and amazing careers. These 6 principles are what we guide ourselves ...


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Key2Success powers businesses of all sizes by finding the right talent for today that goes on to become the leader of tomorrow ...