Terms And Conditions

Dear users, for using this web-site, as well as the information units, you must read carefully all the conditions provided below and accept them integrally.

Key2Success reserves the right to modify the clauses at every moment, depending on its exclusive decision and without any notification. All the modifications shall be posted on this site and the users will be deemed as accepting the modifications if continuing the use of this site.

Continuing using this site equals your approval of the terms and conditions below.

1. Definitions
Key2Success, hereinafter referred to also as the company represents the company SC Key to Success SRL, with head-office in Bucharest, 9 Aleea Alexandru, 1st District, registered at the Registry of Commerce under the number J40/1286/2009, having unique code of registration RO 25050179, owner of the Internet web-site http://www.key2success.ro, having the following contact data: phone +40 374 OO 77 72; fax +40 31 805 95 42 e-mail: romania@key2success.ro.

Key2Success is a search and selection company, active in the human resources field, having as purpose and object of its activity the matching of professionals’ skills, expertise, studies and interests with potential job opportunities that the company may have in time.

Personal data - any information referring to a natural person, identified or identifiable; an identifiable person is that person who can be identified, directly or indirectly, particularly with reference to an identification number or to one or more specific details of his physical, physiological, psychical, economical, cultural or social identity;

The processing of personal data - any operation or set of operations that is performed upon the personal data, by automatic or non-automatic means, such as collection, recording, organisation, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure to a third party by transmission, dissemination or by any other way, combination or alignment, blocking, erasure or destruction;

Cracking or hacking - the unauthorised surpassing of the authentication frame of the site by one or more users, or the unauthorised surpassing of the security services of any network, server, web server or user account, in any kind of connection with this site.

2. General provisions

whereas Key2Success has at its sole discretion the right to amend anytime, without any kind of notice, the content of the document "Website Legal Terms and Conditions" the users are supposed to periodically check the content of this document. By continuing to use the service means an affirmative answer for the acceptance of this document and the users’ agreement to comply with it.
The Key2Success web-site is exclusively destined to the personal search use and any use in the commercial purpose, without a prior written approval of the company, is strictly prohibited.

The user (himself or by third parties) hereby agrees that he will not conduct (or permit conducting by third parties in his presence) cracking or hacking activities, that he will only transmit accurate information through this site and he will not transmit or receive any information or material in contradiction with the Romanian laws.

3. The intellectual property right

Key2Success has an exclusive ownership right with regard to the pages contained by the web-site, including the data and information contained, and these, with everything included, shall not be considered as virtual acquisition right by any third party. It is prohibited to copy or publish partially or entirely pages from the web-site and/or to use these pages in any way, including for commercial purpose, without the prior written consent of Key2Success. The Key2Success name itself, all the logos, any stylised representations of the Key2Success trademark, commercial symbols, as well as all the images are exclusive ownership of the company and the company has reserved all the rights for this purpose.

Hence, it is prohibited to introduce any modification to the web-site, to copy, distribute, publish, publicly present or transmit to third parties, any part of the web-site, without the prior written consent of Key2Success.

4. Personal data and privacy policy

Key2Success observes the right to privacy and private life regarding the processing of personal data of every natural person visiting the company's web-sites and also observes and complies with the Romanian legislation in force referring to the protection of personal data.

Key2Success is registered as personal data operator with National Authority of Surveillance in Processing Personal Data. Personal data will be collected from you when you register and/or apply online, as well as by sending to us your CV/resume.

You understand that by performing any of the above mentioned actions (i.e. registering/applying online or sending to us your CV/resume) you agree and totally consent with the procession of personal data by Key2Success for the purposes detailed below.

Key2Success uses the information contained by your CV/resume for the purposes for which it is provided and to perform our professional recruitment services.

You understand that the information you provide Key2Success with can be used for the following: Identifying positions of interest - you agree that we can contact you should your profile (studies, experience and so on) is correspondent to the professional opportunities that we may have.

Soliciting information regarding candidates - you agree that we may contact you for providing Key2Success with references.

Statistics - you agree that we may use the information you provided Key2Success with for statistic purposes, as well as other legal purposes, in the conditions provided by law. Presenting such data to possible partners or entities which, in Key2Success opinion, might present interest to the user.

It is your responsibility that your CV/resume is accurate and kept up to date. You are fully liable for the information you provide Key2Success with. You are herein informed of the rights you have according to the law:

A. The right to be informed - you have been informed by reading the present legal terms and conditions about the identity of Key2Success, the purpose for which the data you provide with is processed by Key2Success, thirds parties to which the data may be transmitted to with your prior consent, if the providing with personal data is compulsory or not, the existence of the rights provided by law for the protection of personal data, as well as the conditions of exercising.

B. The right to have access to data - you have the right, upon a written, dated and signed request, to obtain from Key2Success the confirmation of the fact that the data related to you are or are not processed by our company. This request is to be accomplished for free in the limit of one request per year.

C. The right of intervention - you have the right to request to Key2Success, upon a written, dated and signed request, the following: (i1) the rectification, the up-dating, the blocking or the erasure of the incomplete, inexact data or of illegal processions;

(i2) the transformation of illegal personal data in anonymous data; the notification of the third parties with regard to the operations provided at (i1) and (i2). D. The right of opposition - you have the right to oppose every moment, upon a written, dated and signed request, to the procession of your personal data, due to well-grounded and lawful reasons in connection to your particular situation;

E. The right of not being subject to an individual decision - the right to demand and receive: the withdrawal or the cancellation of a decision that produces juridical effects concerning you, adopted exclusively on a personal data processing basis, carried out through automatic means, destined to evaluate some aspects of your personality and/or professional competence, credibility, behaviour or other such aspects; re-evaluation of any decisions regarding you, and which affects you in a significant manner, if the decision was adopted exclusively on a basis of data processing that meets the conditions stated under letter a).

F. The right to refer to a court of law - you have the right to refer to a court of law in defence of any rights guaranteed by the law regarding the protection of personal data processions.

5. Limitation of liability

Key2Success shall not be responsible for any direct, indirect, special or tangential damages, resulted from the use or incapacity to use the service/this site, or resulted from the unauthorised access or alteration of the transmissions or users' data, including, but without limitation to damages for profit losses, use, data or other intangible things, even if Key2Success has been informed of the possibility of such damages.

Key2Success shall not be liable in case its services cannot be accessed by the users, for an unlimited period of time, due to any technical or commercial reasons. You understand that Key2Success is exonerated of any liability in the situation in which the impossibility of accessing is due to the quality, availability or functioning of the services of the local, national or international Internet or electronic communications providers, irrespective if you try to access the Key2Success web-site in or out of the Romanian territory.

Key2Success does not offer any guarantee that any program error shall be corrected or that the service or server that it placed at the user’s disposal is clean of viruses or other components which may damage the users.

The user agrees to exonerate the liability of Key2Success and not to pursuit Key2Success with regard to any claim of a third party, resulted from the use of the service or of the network's company and of the Internet by the user, as well as with regard to any loss (direct, indirect or of any other nature), costs, actions, suits, claims, expenses (including judgement expenses) or any other liabilities, suffered in any way or directly provoked by Key2Success.

6. Confidentiality

Key2Success awards a special importance to the confidentiality of information and shall submit all necessary diligences in view of achieving this purpose. Still, Key2Success shall not be responsible for non-related external factors interfering and shall not guarantee that the use of its web-sites by the user shall be confidential.

Key2Success is not responsible for any loss the user or any other person suffers as result of the confidentiality with regard to the use of the web-site by the user. Any information disclosed by the user on the web-sites may not be safe during its transmission on the Internet. Third parties have the possibility to intercept the transmissions made by the user when using the Key2Success web-site. Key2Success will make its best efforts to protect all personal information, but in case of any breach in confidentiality it will not be liable for the safe transmission or receipt of any information.

7. Final provisions

a. Force majeure
Key2Success is not responsible in any way in case of force majeure for the functioning of the services and the fulfilment of the contractual obligations.

b. Jurisdiction/Applicable law
The present legal terms and conditions of the Key2Success web-site is governed and interpreted according to the Romanian legislation and any dispute controversy or claim arising out of or in connection with the present provisions will be amicably solved or, in case the amicably solving is not possible the disputes will be finally settled by the relevant competent courts in Bucharest.
The Key2Success web-site may be accessed anywhere inside and outside Romania. Key2Success does not offer any insurance that the content of the site is conceived with the observance of the outside Romania applicable legal provisions. User accessing the present site outside Romania does it on its risks and it is the only responsible for breaching the Romanian applicable law.
c. The user confirms his integral agreement on all points above.
The further use of this site implies the unconditioned acceptance of all terms and conditions above. If the user disagrees, he will immediately stop using this site or else suffer the legal consequences.