Career Advisory

Are you looking to change jobs? To have a shift in career? Are you unsure what job you should pursue next? Or do you want to build new skills or get a promotion with your current employer but you’re unsure how to proceed?

Being focused on your career is the most responsible thing you can for your wellbeing, especially in these fast-changing times when companies do not have the resources or the inclination to manage each employee’s career. So you must be laser-focused on your wishes, goals and personal development.

Yet, doing this is difficult, since you’re awash with emotions (who wouldn’t be once they invested years of hard work into a job?) and thus, you’re not the most objective assessor of what happens in the economy at large, your industry or your company. To find your next career “North Star”, an outside view often helps.

This is why we offer this service and we believe we are very good at it, because:

We have solid benchmarks

We’ve interviewed hundreds of professionals in all industries, and we gleaned insights into how their career developed and what paths they’ve found most satisfying.

We have insider knowledge

We’ve talked to a lot of HR managers and hiring managers as part of our recruitment and selection services, thus we know the profile of each company organizational culture, priorities and strategic goals.

How this works: send us an email regarding your career need or question. We follow-up with a 15min call to better assess your need and draft up a discussion plan. Depending on your need, we schedule anywhere from 1 to 5 , 1h sessions in which to help you answer all your questions and provide recommendations.

Find a happy career!