About Us & Our Team

Key2Success powers businesses of all sizes by finding the right talent for today that goes on to become the leader of tomorrow.

We are a recruitment & selection company for mid-management roles,  small and medium sized businesses leadership roles and key specialist positions.

Key2Success is part of K.M.Trust & Partners - a leading executive search and leadership consultancy in Romania. This means that our consultants have access to executive-grade expertise when it comes to processes, tools, know-how and approach.

We were founded in 2009, right at the time when the economic climate got sour. Despite this challenge, we thrived and we think this counts for something - we’ve got what it takes to recognize talent that helps any company through a crisis.

This is our team: working hard to make your company and your career successful!


We are here to do the tough job. No role is ever easy to fill, but we are usually called on when you seek that very rare breed of candidate ...



Together, we are building talentship today and tomorrow, for amazing companies and amazing careers ...