Job Openings


Our client is part of a dynamic financial group active in corporate and private finance. In Romania it will manage several funds covering a diverse range of asset classes. Gradually will seek further opportunities to expand sales in CEE countries.

Role Description:

The Head of Sales (HS) will manage the sales Department in terms of people, activities and results. HS reports to the CEO and initially will support him to develop the sales strategy and the distribution network in selected EU countries while in parallel will built a direct sales & distribution force for Romania. Once the distribution and sales team established the Head of sales be ultimately responsible for attainment of sales goals and quotas as set in the strategy and annual business objective.

Main responsibilities

Overall responsibility for short / long-term business development strategies and execution by managing the inflows and outflows through the entire sales cycle, working with cross-functional teams as necessary and serve as the primary customer contact for sales related activities.

Main activities

  • Support members of the board on budgeting and planning
  • Setting revenue targets for the company and setting key performance indicators / monitoring performance and reporting sales results to the board on a regular basis
  • Develop the distribution network, negotiating agreements and ensuring commerciality
  • Managing distribution by helping distributors, team members and clients understanding the strategic fit between each other needs
  • Develop the retail clients pool
  • Implementing a variety of new business initiatives to build up an effective pipeline to drive sales and lead tracking process
  • Managing customer relationship
  • Ensuring the CRM and online platform are being used effectively and provide a competitive advantage
  • Keeping a close eye on the sales activities of competitors and utilizing ideas where appropriate
  • Overseeing performance management of under-performing sales staff

Main requirements


  • At least 5 years of proven track record in sales & distribution management at regional or national level of specific financial products, preferable investment ones (asset management, private pensions, life insurances) is required
  • Building up and management of small/ mid-sized direct sales force
  • Exposure to the peculiarities of various client’s segments and markets
  • Multiple projects management
  • Training background would be a plus

Soft skills

  • Excellent leadership
  • Entrepreneurial spirit / Independent, needing little supervision
  • Uncompromising ethics for business, law and clients
  • Think outside the box / Creative analytical capacity
  • Attention to details
  • Hand on / Fast & agile
  • Problem solver attitude, based on adding value
  • Relationship building skills
  • Openness, Transparent
  • Accountable
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team player / Participative / Flexible
  • English language

General Purpose of the Role

Working together with the entire team in order to find and implement the best strategies to recruit the vacancies across all business units.

Main responsibilities:

  • Manages full life cycle of recruitment process:
    • discovery meeting with hiring manager
    • sourcing and screenings candidates
    • submitting the most qualified candidates to hiring team
    • participating in the interview process
    • hiring decision
    • completing offer negotiations
  • Creates and implements data driven recruitment strategies to identify the best talent in the market
  • Search both active and passive candidates through multiple channels
  • Determines appropriate recruiting sources for advertising and posting positions
  • Provides exceptional experience to internal stakeholders and candidates
  • Documents candidate evaluation and interview process.

Main Requirements:

  • Education in Human Resources, Business Administration, or related fields
  • At least 5 years of IT recruiting experience.
  • Communicate both verbally and in writing with many different stakeholders and at all levels of the organization
  • Very good people evaluating skills
  • Proven experience in implementing new ideas for attracting talent and building talent pipelines
  • Fluent in English
  • A mindset of contributor to the team effort and business
  • Loves people
  • Energy, drive, self-motivated
  • Willingness to experiment
  • Courage
  • Continuous/quick learning
  • Creativity
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Communication skills
  • Mental agility
  • Strong moral values
  • Self-motivating
  • Self-aware
  • Self-disciplined, Self-improving

The role:

The Senior Legal Counsel has a key role within the Legal Department, reporting to the Legal Director and interacting with the Senior Management Team (GM, CFO, Commercial Director etc).

The main activity is related to supporting the core business: Commercial Policy, Strategy, Commercial Excellence and occasionally M&A, Special Projects such as major acquisitions, EU legislation etc.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Ensure compliance with legal requirements in the area of Commercial Law, Competition, Advertising Law, Environment, Data Protection, Health & Safety, Labor;
  • Provide legal advisory and solutions as a business partner to senior management when implementing the commercial strategy and policy
  • Collaborate with external law firms to manage litigations by providing as required legal data and framework in order to determine advisability of defending or prosecuting lawsuits/on-time preparation of the court proceedings;
  • Monitor the effectiveness of the Company's credit policy and assessing the initiation of legal action;
  • Managing legal risk by providing execution and administration of contracts and other legal documentation required by all departments;
  • Researching, critically analyzing and providing legal opinions to all departments on matters related to the Company's operations;
  • Cooperation with local employees/management to draft, negotiate and interpret a wide range of contracts, including sales agreements, service agreements, distributorship agreements, sales support agreements, real estate lease agreements and other. Providing legal advice and business-minded recommendations on matters;
  • Keeping up-to-date with laws, regulations and professional codes relevant to the Company business/ operations;
  • Develop solid cooperation relationships within the local operation to ensure supportive approach and timely visibility and resolution of legal issues;
  • Maintain proper cooperation and contact with external legal partners and local authorities

Main Requirements:

  • University degree in Law
  • 5 years working experience in legal & corporate consultancy, preferably in a large beverage or FMCG company or member of a Law office (commercial/ccorporate)
  • Good knowledge of RO and EU legislation, in particular robust knowledge of Commercial Law and Competition Law; Advertising, Consumer Protection, Environment are a plus
  • Labor Code, GDPR ( not as DPO) general awareness ( not required as routine duties)
  • People management skills
  • Ability to problem solve at the root cause level/ Action oriented
  • Ability to perform risk assessment and management
  • Ability to think tactically and strategical; cross-functional thinking and the ability to translate business strategy into function
  • Respectful of others and diversity, accepting/adapting to local culture
  • Process improvement skills
  • Fluent spoken and written Romanian and English
  • Excellent communication skills: legal for not legal, clarity and pragmatism
  • Adaptability
  • Accountability
  • Professional confidence

The Client

The largest privately-owned software and systems’ company in a Nordic country, with major international companies as partners, and solutions sold to customers in 50 countries.

General Purpose of the Role

An experienced people manager in the software development industry, the jobholder will have central management responsibility in the product development and will ensure the project management transition from Head Office to Romanian Office.

Main responsibilities:

  • Manage the project team;
  • Lead product development, focusing on the highest quality and user-friendliness for the customers;
  • Responsibility for a part of the largest product, where the Project Manager help guide the product development and efficiency of it;
  • Will be part of a management team responsible for the entire product;
  • The PM will need to carry out coordination tasks between all projects and must help ensure collaboration with the other projects in the product suite;
  • The PM will be responsible for the personnel management of employees and for delivering on budget, quality and time. In addition, the PM must work closely with, among others, the Product Management team about the development of the future content of the products.

Main Requirements:

  • Management experience with developing software projects in a dynamic environment with fixed deadlines and the candidate should keep the head calm during a busy day;
  • Strong leadership skills as well as experiences with coaching, development and motivation of employees;
  • IT-related Master's degree and skills that match PMI, Prince2 or IPMA Level B / C;
  • Several years of experience as Project Manager with the management of complex software projects;
  • Experienced with personnel management developing highly skilled technical colleagues to become high performers through a relation-based leadership;
  • Strong qualifications in project management through KPIs, management briefings, management of business committee meetings, etc.;
  • Military and product development knowledge and/or experience is an advantage, but not a requirement;
  • Ambitious, setting the bar high;
  • Constantly improve and develop, own team and the ones surrounding;
  • Independent team player with the skills to cooperate and build good relationships, comfortable among others;
  • High drive and a good mood;
  • High degree of flexibility;
  • Fluent English.

The Role:

The Chief Finance Officer (CFO) is responsible for the finance function and coordination of the financial operations for a portfolio investment management company. CFO is a Board Member of the business in Romania, acting as interface between operations and CEO in all aspects of running the local business, thereby ensuring compliance with legal requirements and group standards. The position will report hierarchically to the Supervisory Board/HQ.

Main responsibilities:

Contributes as a Board Member to set up the business strategy. Governs the forecasting and budgeting process (short/medium/long term). Plays a crucial role in big decisions such as operational structure, cooperation with depositary banks, transfer agents

Will establish the finance department operational structure and lead the day to day finance activity, including:

  • Ensures accurate and timely set up of statutory and IFRS statements, including the relevant schedules and appendices
  • Supervises coherent and reliable financial reporting to the local authorities
  • Prepares analysis on the monthly operation and profitability
  • Responsible for the co-ordination and development of reliable financial control system/s, procedures and policies
  • Coordinates the implementation and updates of Group tools / booking systems
  • Verifies tax calculations and timely payment of due taxes; supervises statutory audit and tax return filing; Optimizes the fiscal management
  • Coordinates / improves the operation of the finance & control sections
  • Participates in the development of new products from finance point of view
  • Ensures the quality and effectiveness of the finance & reporting team through the recruitment and management of the appropriate staff
  • Assures compliance of the Group’s requirement with relevant local authorities and legal framework 

Main requirements

  • Proven track record in managing successfully the financial function 10+ years with reputable financial services institutions , preferably asset management / mutual funds
  • Romanian fiscal legislation incl. tax ordinances
  • International accounting standards
  • MBA in Finance or similar
  • CECCAR / ACCA certification is a plus
  • Cooperation with depositary banks, transfer agents, etc.
  • Start-up experience would be a plus
  • Management & Reporting at international / multinational corporate standards
  • Presenting financial issues and analysis in a practical manner
  • Strategic planning capabilities; Well-organized, able to prioritize multi-task
  • People management of small/medium size teams / Participative / Flexible
  • Excellent leadership
  • Entrepreneurial spirit / Independent, needing little supervision
  • Strong / uncompromising ethics
  • Think outside the box / Creative analytical capacity
  • Hand on / Fast & agile
  • Openness, Transparent
  • Accountable
  • Attention to details
  • English language

The Role:

The Chief Investment Officer (CIO) will report to the CEO and will serve as a high level executive of managing investment portfolios covering a diverse range of capital market assets. Developing right products for the right people is the core for the success of the business.

Main responsibilities:

Overall responsibility for short long-term investment strategies and specific product development, including:

  • Develop the investment strategy against various investment criteria
  • Perform and deliver financial, commercial, risk, tax and legal due diligences on the portfolio and recommend appropriate course of action 
  • Product portfolio development
  • Management fee structure
  • Assess and report performance of the investment against appropriate benchmarks

Will establish asset management department operational structure and lead the day to day activity, including:

  • Recruitment and coordination of a small team in charge with managing different asset management classes
  • Commercial agreements with brokerage houses and other specific services providers
  • Compliance of the Fund’s legal / compliance requirement with relevant authorities 
  • Implement investment and risk management policies in line with the Fund 

Main requirements

  • Return generation strategies
  • Exposure to most of main asset classes (stocks, government / corporate bonds, T-bills, ETFs)
  • Investment products development
  • Proven track record in managing successfully investment portfolios for 10+ years, ideally including CEF
  • Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) or equivalent
  • Exposure to the peculiarities of various client’s segments and markets
  • Management & Reporting at international / multinational corporate standards
  • People management of small/medium size teams
  • Multiple projects management
  • Excellent leadership
  • Entrepreneurial spirit / Independent, needing little supervision
  • Uncompromising ethics for business, law and clients
  • Think outside the box / Creative analytical capacity
  • Potential to grow to Board role
  • Attention to details
  • Hand on / Fast & agile
  • Problem solver attitude, based on adding value
  • Openness, Transparent
  • Accountable
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Team player / Participative / Flexible
  • English language

Client & role:

Our client is a top 10 international company from financial services that is looking for a skilled Senior Actuary. The jobholder will ensure the accomplishment of actuarial works and methods.

Main responsibilities

  • Participation in the creation of the products in close connection to the marketing/sales team:
    • Participation in defining product characteristics;
    • Elaboration of the tariffs in regards with group standards and in compliance with local requirements;
    • Asses the profitability of the products;
    • Elaboration of the technical documents.
  • Participation in reporting process: calculation of technical provisions for statutory, Solvency 2 and IFRS scope.
  • Participation in the implementation of the reinsurance plan;
  • Participation to the Budget process.
  • Prepare business specifications for IT implementation of actuarial calculations;
  • Participates, as shared contract with 1 h / day, in pension fund actuarial activities as nominated actuary.
  • Participates in regular meetings with the international actuarial department and reports on its work;
  • Respect the guidelines and solid principles and practices as set by the Group.

Main Requirements

  • Diploma of actuarial studies (university or post-university) officially acknowledged by the Romanian authority;
  • Registered in the Actuary Register;
  • 5-7 years’ experience in Actuarial field;
  • Analytical skills and attention to details;
  • Organization, planning, project management, documentation management skills;
  • Very good knowledge of English language;
  • Use PC skills, computer knowledge.

Our client is the local subsidiary of an industrial real estate group established in mid 70s, headquartered in Western Europe and present in 10 countries, main assets being 9+ mio sqm of industrial & commercial real estate as well as about 35,000 residential units in various stages of execution.

In Romania the company started operations in 2006 and they are involved in real estate residential and commercial development, commercial lease and business operations.

The Finance Manager will be located in Bucharest and he will coordinate the financial activity of the local subsidiary.

The Finance Manager will manage a small team of 4 accountants and a Chief Accountant, will reports to the Country Manager for Romania and functionally to the Group Finance Director.

General Purpose of the Job:

The Finance Director is responsible for the finance function including accounting, controlling reporting, financing, taxation and representation of the company towards the fiscal authorities. Also, will coordinate the HR related activities that are mostly subcontracted to a 3rd party. The Job Holder is expected to contribute to increasing the profitability and commercial development of the company.

Main responsibilities

  • Coordinates and supervises the finance and accounting activities of the company: planning, reporting, taxes, cost controlling, treasury, etc;
  • Maintains an optimal financial and accounting reporting system according to legal requirements and business objectives;
  • Evaluates financial reporting systems, accounting and collection procedures and investment activities, and makes recommendations for changes to procedures, operating systems, budgets, and other financial control functions;
  • Initiates, plans and executes special projects to improve and optimize the financial situation of the company, etc.;
  • Provides the company management with relevant management information for decision making;
  • Identifies variances and suggests relevant actions plans;
  • Produces, explains and ensures the accuracy of the performance figures;
  • Drafts and operates the cash flow forecasts;
  • Communicates clearly and directly with managers and employees concerning financial performance expectations, productivity and accountability;
  • Establishes and maintains a close relationship with the fiscal authorities;
  • Coordinates and contact with valuations and insurance companies;
  • Human Resources area with the help of an external company;
  • Responsible for the relations to banks and other financial institutions;
  • Follows the commercial contracts concluded by the company in respect of their commercial terms;
  • Manages and coaches subordinated team: motivates/encourages team spirit and initiative;
  • Defines the objectives of the team and leads the people towards the accomplishments of the settled objectives;
  • Recruits and evaluates (performance & potential) staff members and oversees training programs;

Job based competencies & requirements:

  • Economic university education required;
  • At least 3 years of experience on a senior/middle management position, preferably within an international/multinational company; real estate would be a plus.
  • Strong leadership skills required;
  • At least 7 years of experience in finance field;
  • Statutory, compliance knowledge;
  • Budgeting and reporting;
  • Solid knowledge of Romanian Accounting Standards and IFRS
  • Strong analytical skills, the ability to see the big picture
  • Negotiation skills, good business sense;
  • Flexibility & Strong team player;
  • Self-confident; Intercultural competences;
  • Good business judgment;
  • Assertiveness/persistent;
  • Result oriented; Enthusiastic;
  • Common sense and open-minded;
  • Attention to details;
  • Open, communicative, with good sense of humor;
  • Coaching and mentoring skills;
  • Responsible, Diplomacy, Entrepreneurship;
  • Efficient problem-solver with a positive, “can-do” attitude, who can encourage others to give their best;
  • Excellent personal and inter-personal skills;
  • Should enter the position with a long-term view;
  • Computer skills – MS Windows, Office and specific accounting/financial systems;
  • English fluent; Spanish is a plus.